June Discovery Series at Franklin High

This quarter culminated in a Discovery Series hosted by the Hub Alliance at Franklin High School, with future partnering opportunities between our two organizations actively in the planning stage.


July 15, 2019
Flora Tempel


Discovery Series

We first connected with Linda Filley-Bentler, the College and Career Center counselor at Franklin, in January. Eve Keller, the Hub Alliance President, was invited to the Power Justice Freedom event in March and introduced herself at that event to Drew O’Connell, the interim principal of Franklin High School and a Franklin alum himself, with deep connections to the neighborhood. Drew came to our March board meeting, signed our stakeholders letter to the Mayor in support of Accessible Mt. Baker, attended the meeting with the Interdepartmental Team downtown in May, and is enthusiastically supportive of our AMB advocacy work and engagement with Franklin students.

The Hub Alliance has cultivated our relationship with the staff, teachers, and students by attending a variety of informal events. Our president and two board members attended an afternoon career preparedness day by reviewing resumes and mock interviewing students. A board member staffed a table about the Hub Alliance and Accessible Mt. Baker at a college admission day on May 1st, as we continue building our presence within the Franklin community.

Our work with the teachers and students is focused on community activism, career preparedness and civic engagement.

With the Urban Land Institute’s Technical Assistance Panel (ULI TAP) scheduled for the beginning of June, we planned for the recent ULI TAP effort to be the topic of our June Discovery Series. Building on the model of taking the Discovery Series to our audience, we focused on educating Franklin students, and others, by arranging to have a presentation on ULI TAP, plus conversation, in Dr. AJ Katzaroff’s 7th period AP Environmental Science classroom, along with students of the Art of Resistance club.

Our speaker, Rico Quirindongo, a local architect with DLR Group who served on the TAP, enjoyed the opportunity to connect with the students and did a fantastic job communicating difficult design concepts to them and hearing their feedback. In addition to seeing the ULI TAP recommendations for the first time, we heard from some of the most important voices in the room- the students who cross Rainier Ave S and MLK Jr Way S every day. We look forward to building our alliance and relationships with Franklin students next year!