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We have commissioned local artists Ari Glass and Craig Cundiff to continue their mural series in the Mt. Baker Station Area. These two murals are inspired by the Movement for Black Lives and the COVID-19 public health crisis. We are proud to be supporting these artists during these uncertain times. Check out the murals and artist statements below!

Artist Craig Cundiff is working on this mural on the east side of the Thai Recipe restaurant, which will be visible from the McClellan and Rainier intersection. Craig writes, “There is a divine fire that burns in every soul. An illuminated heart searches out in times of darkness and seeks the truth. When the spirit is alight, transformation begins. This mural concept is based around the alchemy of fire, and we see it as a balance to the murals we have done throughout the Mt. Baker corridor.”

Artist Ari Glass is working on this mural on the east side of the fence at the Link Light Rail Station, which is highly visible to all driving on Rainier Ave. Ari writes, “Life has changed dramatically because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has laid bare the truth that our health is only as strong as the health of our entire community. We want to project the feeling that a vibrant community can come together while following the guidelines that will keep us safe. By showing many people all wearing masks and distancing, we hope to promote a changed behavior that affects South Seattle for the better.”

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