Placemaking touches on every piece of our vision for the future of the neighborhood. Over the years, the importance of this work has led this program to become the conceptual home for that vision. Our board members help to envision, choose, and direct the projects that we complete each year. In 2020, we will be conducting a retail study with the help of a consultant to get a deeper understanding of business and development in the area.

Murals created since 2018

Public Art

We sponsor local artists to create public art that improves the character of our neighborhood. Since 2018, we have sponsored three full-wall murals on local businesses and one fence mural, and other organizations have also begun supporting public art in the area. We are looking for future opportunities to sponsor public art in other mediums throughout the neighborhood.


of public art funded by the hub

Development Tracking

We connect with developers and property owners to keep an eye on the developments in the neighborhood. We have created vision and community value statements that we share to encourage development that will be in line with the communities wishes. We give feedback on development plans and teach residents how to have their voices heard in the development process.


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