About Us

The Mount Baker Hub Alliance (MBHA) works to make our business district a great place for people to work, live, shop and do business. Funded by a grant from the City of Seattle’s Only in Seattle program, we serve as the steward of the district through a variety of programs and advocacy aimed at making the Mount Baker Hub a great place to do business.

Our Board Members [http://mtbakerhub.org/home/team/] include Hub business-owners, property-owners, residents and staff from local nonprofit organizations. Together with dozens of other volunteers we produce the annual Mount Baker Hub Design Festival, the Franklin to Forest Neighborhood Clean-up and Mount Baker Hub Stakeholders Meetings. We also serve as a voice for the hub district regarding transportation, land-use, public safety and economic development issues.

Founded in 2015 by a group of more than 50 hub stakeholders, MBHA works on business-related efforts within a half-mile of the Mount Baker Light Rail Station. As our organizational muscle grows we plan to implement the Only in Seattle methodologies that have helped numerous other Seattle business districts thrive. Some of those key strategies are:

Existing merchants are the backbone of a district; it’s important to acknowledge their history and the neighborhood identity they’ve helped establish. We plan to work with owners to grow their businesses via technical or accounting support, marketing assistance, and help finding loans. Retail and market studies provide invaluable data that assist retailers in understanding the demographics and spending power of a neighborhood. This information helps existing businesses adapt to the current landscape, and is also a tool for attracting new businesses and development. Realtors, developers, and new business owners are the key to vitalization efforts. We plan to reach out to specific, neighborhood-relevant retailers to promote the assets of a district to targeted parties – with some programs acting like a commercial broker to market specific vacant properties.

Perception matters. It’s important to showcase the positive existing traits of our neighborhood’s character, as well as its future potential. Real estate projects rehabilitate or replace underutilized spaces. Signage and facades are clean and cohesive; new developers are encouraged to be consistent and unified with the neighborhood. The retail and pedestrian environment is attractive and easily accessible by numerous modes of transportation.

As a neighborhood discovers its identity, promoting its image is important. We plan to develop and enhance the Mount Baker Hub brand, advertise collectively, generate positive media coverage, and build a community website and other collateral materials. In addition to building brand identity, organized neighborhood events allow residents to gather and celebrate, as well as attract visitors.

In addition to the visual perception of a business district, it’s critical for people to perceive our neighborhood as safe. Residents and merchants are encouraged to work with police, report crimes, and address physical conditions that encourage crime. Successful districts are most sustainable when they have an active street life and healthy sense of community.

If you care about the welfare of the Mount Baker Hub, we’d love to have you get involved with one or more of our programs. Check out our Programs tab for events or contact us directly to get involved.