youth engagement


In 2019, the Mt. Baker Hub Alliance began growing our relationships with teachers at Franklin High School as part of our work to be advocates for the community. We believe that the students and teachers at Franklin are key community members, and we want to make sure their voice is being heard. In addition, we want to help give students the tools to be effective participants in local civic engagement.

Students participating


We have begun working to create educational workshops for Franklin High School students, including through two of our Discovery Series events in 2019. In 2020, we will host two workshops during Franklin’s annual Power Justice Freedom Day in February. We are continuing to develop longer-term curriculum for additional events.


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civics club

In addition to one-time and recurring workshops, our Youth Engagement team is working with teachers at Franklin to collaborate on a civic engagement club. This club will also integrate the work we do in our Placemaking program as a conceptual framework for civic action. We are excited to get students involved in neighborhood activism.


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