community Values


a THRIVING hub provides...

  • a dense, accessible Town Center
  • a sense of place
  • a commercial district for locals and visitors
  • opportunities for youth
  • a safe and inclusive environment


a DIVERSE hub presents:

  • legacy ethnic-owned businesses
  • businesses that support a varied clientele
  • an appreciation for its history
  • universal accessibility for people of all ages, races, ethnicities, and income levels


a SUSTAINABLE hub celebrates:

  • the creation of green technology jobs
  • environmental preservation of greenbelts
  • restoration and stewardship of local ecology
  • developing a Living Community and Ecodistrict


an AFFORDABLE hub offers:

  • reasonable small-business rates
  • a cross-class community
  • housing at a variety of sizes and income levels
  • a welcome to all income levels


a MIXED hub features:

  • residential, commercial, and industrial spaces
  • a mixed-income community
  • accessibility by all forms of transportation
  • a diversity of job opportunities
  • a strong, inclusive community

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