Clean + Safe


Clean and Safe is our signature program, with highly visible volunteers showing how we give back to our community every month. Every year, our volunteers come back to make a clear impact on the neighborhood and get tons of litter off the streets. Through this process, we keep a finger on the pulse of the community, which lets us identify safety concerns early and make the connections needed to address them.

bags of waste collected in 2019

Clean ups

For over five years, the Hub Alliance has hosted a monthly First Saturday clean up in the Station area. The same volunteers return month after month because they see what an impact it makes on the mood of the community. In 2020, we are expanding to an additional monthly clean up that will rotate throughout the Rainier corridor to clean up for our businesses.


of volunteers attend every month

Safety Resources

We have regularly met with police officers who work in the neighborhood for several years. These connections, in addition to those we have made at the City through our Clean Ups, are resources that we offer to our businesses. We  work to track the concerns of businesses and residents so that we can continue to have productive conversations with our police officers.


of businesses connected