Our programs

building community

Our committees are the powerhouses of all our work, envisioning and enacting our programs in the community. Everything we do is through the lens of our mission – “to foster a strong community.” In addition to the committees below, our Administrative Director works with board members and small business owners to develop organizational plans, create events, and enact our marketing initiatives.

Business Advocacy

The Hub Alliance provides small businesses in our area with resources and free marketing, as well as referrals to small business advising programs. Our programs are envisioned and directed by the Hub Alliance board and carried out by our Administrative Director.


Bringing all of our values and programs together, the Placemaking committee strives to improve the physical character of our area. We work in both the natural environment and the urban environment through projects and advocacy.

clean + safe

This committee manages one of our signature programs, our First Saturday Clean Ups. For five years, our amazing volunteers have kept the station area clean and every year we have grown the program. We also work with our local police and businesses to keep everyone feeling welcome and safe in the district.

youth civic engagement

With our newest program, we are working to make connections with students and teachers at Franklin High School to give them tools to be engaged with local issues. We work to give them a voice and foster their development into civic-minded residents in the future.