Meet the Team

The Mt. Baker Hub Alliance board, staff and organizational partners are brought together through our care for the welfare and vitality of community stakeholders in the commercial district of the North Rainier area.

We are a mix of local business people, property owners, business owners and residents. Our organization is funded largely through the Office of Economic Development’s Only in Seattle funding program, with additional support from private donors through membership and project sponsorship. Our core focus is to encourage business and retail development, keep our streets safe, clean and comfortable, and to promote and market the Mt Baker Hub area—Rainier Valley’s largest business district.


Eve Keller – President

Anne Miller – Vice President

Genevieve Hale-Case – Treasurer

Sara O’Neill-Kohl – Urban Environment Committee Chair

Alonso Alvarado – Trustee

Betsy Hale – Trustee

Sameth Mell – Trustee

Barb Oswald – Trustee

Michael Ross – Trustee (Ross Law Advisors)


Flora Tempel – Administrative Assistant