Hub Alliance is now on Patreon!

We’ve been thinking about how to offer membership levels and are debuting our Patreon tiers for 2020!


December 22, 2019
Flora Tempel


Hub Alliance Board

We have always wanted to have supporting the Hub Alliance be an accessible process for community members. We are thrilled to have chosen Patreon as a simple way to give on a recurring basis. Patreon stood out as the ideal option because it lets us be in community with our neighbors, businesses, and friends who give. At each tier, we offer fun perks that will bring you into the process of creating and running the Mt. Baker Hub Alliance – and you will receive the perks of all the lower tiers too! The tiers are:

    $4 /month – receive a public thank you!

    $8 /month – receive a sticker and personal instagram post!

    $12 /month – write a blog post with us!

    $20 /month – go on a one-on-one coffee and tour!

    $40 /month – receive a video message from the board!

    $80 /month – propose a project to us!

In addition, we are offering small, medium, and large business level tiers that are pay-what-you-can. We ask businesses to give an amount that feels comfortable for them. We recognize that our businesses may not have much to give, so we do not require dues to be a member. But we also want businesses to be able to help support us so that we are able to continue providing them with services in the future. We believe that offering these levels is a good solution that allows a business to give however much they want.

Check out our Patreon page through the link in the menu or at Thank you for supporting us!